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Welcome! This page contains information on the Mexico City American High School (AHS) class of '81 20 and 25 year reunions. On this page you can find the following:

Related Links (discussion group, photo sites, links to "official" reunion photo)
Members of class of '81 and reunion attendance (email, links to address, tel., bio. info.)
Reunion Information (Listed for historical purposes only: when, where...)

Related Links

Discussion Group

If you want to catchup with what is going on with other members of the class of '81, click on the highlighted text below or copy the following text into the address window of your browser:

http://tinyurl.com/AHSQuicktopic (which is a synonym for http://www.quicktopic.com/1/H/yW3mK4HhigT3Tr9s7J.html)

This is a free web site. You don't need to register or anything else. Simply visit and read, and post a message if you wish. There is a similar page (where we got this idea) for the class of '80. (Ground rules: No personal attacks. Offensive messages will be deleted.)


25 year Reunion

Here is a photo of the 25 year reunion group in Acapulco taken by Alison Anderson-Gilmour:

Pictured are Ramon Ricoy, Rodrigo ?, Nancy Juarez (Alex Juarez), Georgina Marquez, Alex Juarez, Francisco Rios, Alison Anderson, Dwight Werren, Anacecilia Perez-Vargas, Dominic Christian, John de la Fontaine (Anacecilia).

Dwight has put together a nice site at http://mexico.dwighit.com/ with many pictures from the trip.(Once the page loads, it will give you a slide show of any of the categories you select to the right.
See also some more pictures from the 25th reunion, taken by Georgina Marquez. The 25 year reunion was held Saturday May 27th, at the Hotel Emporio in Acapulco. See the detailed information from Ramon Ricoy, who put this together.

20 year Reunion

Though the main photo site is listed below, I've also included here copies of the "official" 20 year reunion photograph, in different resolutions.

Small photo (56K) shown below, Medium photo (100K), Large photo (367K)

Names listed use AHS-81 era last names, which may differ from current last names.

Back Row    Scott Odabashian, Ramón Ricoy, Claudio Gantous, Mike Buhler, Alex Loya, Ricardo Ortega, Fernando Fuentes, Dale Reed, Alejandro Serrano, Julio Zamora, David Rae, Raul Bernat, Simon Hamui, Francisco Rios, Mitchel Sorsby
Third Row    Alex McGrath, Cary Rothman, Hector Hernandez, Dominic Christian, Alex Juarez, Jesus Bravo, Gabriel Ortega , George Ortes, Ronnie Buhler, Josy Farca, Alejandra Alvarado, Alberto Valner
Second Row    Elvira Marcos, Craig Dudley, David Laird, Steve Austin ('82), Thurson Hamer, David Litchi, Mauricio Jaber, Ricky Rosencranz, Georgina Marquez, Sammy Jinich, Lisa Hojel, Kelly Coker, Suzie Maitland, Kelly Sherck, Elena Rohweder, Marissa Garcia, Jennifer Meaney, Maria Warner
Front Row    Donna Keeler, Jackie Kassem, Cindy Petrinovic, Jodi Philpot, Christie Cueto, Nina Padilla, Marlene Guinchard, Anacecilia Perez-Vargas, Helen Plaschinski, Sara Aroeste, Carmen Castillo, Rosa Ma. Montalvo, Dina Backjejian, Yolanda Escandon, Karen Jaris, Linda Reichard, Chris Arvesen

Main photo site:


This site has *lots* of pictures taken by Didar Noriega (~57 from our reunion), both from AHS days as well as from the class of '80 reunion. He also has links to many other AHS related sites, such as reunion sites from other years' classes


Sue Macintosh has put together the Class of '80 20-year reunion page. It includes links to lists of alumni from classes of '78, '79, '80, and '81 (that's us folks). It also has a link to the AHS home page.

Members of the Class of '81

This is for use of the members of AHS class of '81 only. Please do not use this information for unsolicited email marketing or for any other commercial purposes. The "More info" link on the right connects to a document with additional address, phone, web page, and biography information.

Note that names without email addresses or links to more information are lost classmates whom I have not been able to contact. Please give me their information if you have it.

To request additions or changes to this list, or to make suggestions, please send email to: reed @ uic.edu (remove extra spaces).

Names & Contact Information

Important Note:
email addresses have an extra space before and after the '@' sign, which must be removed before the email address is valid. This is a security measure to thwart spammers from "harvesting" these email messages off the web.

See Sue MacIntosh's list of emails for our class as well at: http://home.san.rr.com/smacintosh/AHSClassof80/AlumniDirectory/81.htm

Last Name
Name email Link to more Info.
Alvarado Alejandra    
Anderson Alison Gilmour alibilly @ look.ca
More Info
Arce '79 Andres    
Arizmendi Javier (Javi) javier @ jbasf.com  
Aroeste Sara    
Arrellano Billy billyarellano @ mexico.com  
Arvesen Chris    
Backjejian Dina    
Baez Beatriz Martinez    
Bauer John    
(Bernat) Sandra Moreno patmmc @ data.net.m  
Bernat Raul    
Blom Robert cellawella @ email.msn.com  
(Bryant) Missy Wdowik mjwdowik @ earthlink.net More Info
Buendia Edward edbuendia @ earthlink.net  
Buhler Mike Michel.Buhler @ nextel.com More Info
Buhler Ronald ronald.buhler @ glencore.co.uk  
Caballero Carlos    
Castillo Carmen    
Cervantes Jorge    
Christian Dominic dominic @ norbac3.com  
Close Scott Odyssy552 @ aol.com  
(Coker) Kelley Riddle Rayjoke @ aol.com  
Constantino Ann Negratti Negratti @ aol.com  
(Craft) Patty Decker PDecker384 @ aol.com  
Cueto Christie    
De La Macorra Rodrigo rodmac @ df1.telmex.net.mx  
del Cueto Raul rauldelcueto @ yahoo.com More Info
Dossantos Luis lsantos @ bitstorm.net  
Dudley Craig CDudley1 @ usccmail.bms.com  
(Escandon) Yolanda Safir safir @ pacbell.net More Info
Fis Arturo arturo @ pacificnet.net More Info
Farca Josy    
Frungillo Tomm tfrungillo @ triad.rr.com More Info
Flores Isauro isauro @ olympichorses.com More Info
Flores Izcalotl    
Fuentes Fernando fnfuentes @ yahoo.com More Info
Fuentes Cindy    
Gabriel Carol cdw91 @ yahoo.com  
(Garcia) Marissa Valdez mgvaldez @ pop.flash.net  
Gantous Claudio aeclaud @ aevum.com.mx  
Gonzalez Jerry jerry_gonzalez @ gsbh.com  
Gorbea Federico f_gorbea @ corp.admworld.com  
Grant Karen Hovey rkhovey @ aol.com  
Green Tim tandmgreen @ sbcglobal.net  
Gutierrez Alfonso    
Guinchard Marlene    
Hamer Thurston thurston.hamer @ mexicana.com.mx  
Hamui Simon simon @ aevum.com  
Hernandez Hector hhernand @ mex1.uninet.net.mx  
(Hojel) Lisa Zapata lhzapata @ mail.cpesa.com.mx  
(Houghton) Mary Hill mleehill @ worldnet.att.net  
Iñiguez Antonio (Toño) iniguezantonio @ yahoo.com More Info
Jaber Mauricio    
Jaris Karen (Wallentin) alexykaren @ yahoo.com  
Jinich Sammy sjinich @ msn.com More Info
Juarez Alejandro AJuarez @ quepasa.com More Info
Juarez Nancy    
Kassem Jackie    
Keeler Donna donnak @ coupeville.net  
(Leahy) Marlynn Dombrowski rfmmd @ gate.net  
Laird David dlaird @ tidalwave.net  
(Levin) Shelley Billik shelley.billik @ warnerbros.com More Info
Litchi David    
Loya Alex loyafamily @ integrity.com  
Lozano Eduardo lula1510 @ prodigy.net.mx  
Lucas Mike mlucas @ esinet.net  
Macias '82 Scott    
(Maitland) Suzy McGourty smcgourty @ psmj.com  
Marcos Elvira    
(Marquez) Georgina Black geornjohn @ earthink.net More Info
Martinez Ralph rpmar22 @ aol.com More Info
Meaney Jennifer jmeaney @ eventra.com  
Menchaca Homero hmenchaca @ gan.com.mx More Info
McGrath Alex    
(Miracle) Marcie Lobdell lotsaland @ centurytel.net  
Monroy Margarita    
Montalvo Rosa Maria    
(Noriega) Sat Kur Ramos gurudev @ houston.rr.com More Info
Noriega '80 David (Didar)    
Odabashian Scott    
Olivo José    
Ortega Gabriel    
Ortega Ricardo Antonio ricardoantonio_o @ infosel.net.mx More Info
Ortes George geoortes @ yahoo.com More Info
Padilla Nina    
Parra Billy Bparra @ aol.com  
Payne Chris christopher_payne @ interconti.com  
Perez-Vargas Anacecilia apvdlf @ cablevision.net.mx More Info
Perez-Vargas Jaime jaimepv @ bellatlantic.net  
(Petrinovic) Cindy Miller trentandcindy @ starband.net More Info
(Philpot) Jodi Arguello Javjodarguello @ msn.com More Info
Pike John jbp @ big.net  
Plaschinski Hellen hellenp @ hotmail.com  
(Quijano) Christi Brown ckbrown @ uswest.net  
Rae David drae @ cjmlaw.com  
Reed Dale reed @ uic.edu More Info
Reichard Linda    
Rendon Zarella zarella @ isogen.com  
Ricoy Ramón ricoyr @ yahoo.com More Info
(Rohweder) Elena Turner elena.turner @ birmaninterests.com More Info
Rosenkranz Ricky    
Rothman Cary c_rothman @ yahoo.com  
Sanchez Susana susanasss @ yahoo.com  
(Sherck) Kelly Domnauer kellydomnauer @ mindspring.com  
Seigel Lori luiseren @ prolink.com.mx  
Serrano Alejandro    
Serrano Salvador    
Smallwood Carla valyaya @ yahoo.com
tradux @ prodigy.net.mx
More Info
(Snyder) Sue Naugle sharkbait000 @ hotmail.com
nauglefla @ yahoo.com
More Info
Sorsby Mitchell Sorsby @ bigfoot.com  
Trevino Dan Daniel_Trevino @ ccgate.ueci.com  
(Urich-Sass) Ingrid Arias ROTCERID @ compuserve.com More Info
Valner Alberto kibogroup @ msn.com  
Valner '79 Rudy    
Wagner Elizabeth C. "Conchita" Sanjurjo jcmd2 @ coqui.net More Info
(Warner) Maria Warner-Wong mvwparallax @ yahoo.com  
Wayland-Smith Jennifer jenniferws @ aol.com  
Dalma Dennise Dalma-Weiszhausz ddalma @ yahoo.com  
(Young) Cindy Griffith lucindaj @ tenet.edu  
Zamora Julio    

Reunion Information

(Listed here for historical purposes only...)

Important Note: Deadline to buy tickets (see below) is May 21st! No tickets will be sold at the door.

When: Thursday, May 24th through Sunday, May 27th, 2001

Where: Mexico City. Activities will be centered around the five-star hotel Nikko.

Hotel Nikko México
Campos Eliseos 204 Col. Polanco, México, D.F., 11560
Telephone: (525) 280-11-11
Fax: (525) 280-91-91
Toll Free in Mexico 01 800 9088800
Toll Free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-NIKKO US (645-5687)

There are some rooms reserved under group name "Colegio Americano" or "Festival," at US$135 +17% tax for May 25/26. Online reservations (through link above) quote a price of $190. To reserve at the group rate you will need to contact:

      Karla Martinez, email: kmartinez@nikko.com.mx
      Sales Executive
      Fax (525) 80-69-65
      Tel. (525) 80-11-11 Ext 8022

Room availability is limited at the group rate (25 rooms). My understanding is that you have 15 days to cancel at no charge.

Who: All the Class of ’81 members, and members of any other class who are game to join in on the fun!

List of events:




Other possible informal gatherings

All activities will be independent of each other so you can choose which ones you want to attend. Those attending all the activities… will certainly have more fun!! Further details will be posted as they become available.

Last Updated on 11/13/01
Dale Reed